Change of season – Change of Skincare Routine

The spring has sprung at last! With warmer weather, comes outdoor sports and activities, which means it’s time to adjust your skincare regimen.

During this time of year, the skin needs less moisture during the day (goodbye dry heating) and more protection against the sun. Below you will find our suggestions.

A basic morning routine would include a gentle facial wash with Clean, followed by a healthy dose of Screen, our non-chemical, anti-oxidant-filled sunscreen. The key to sun protection is to reapply that sunscreen frequently–before venturing outdoors for sports or after swimming, for example. Ideally, reapply it every two hours.

At night, remember to wash off the sunscreen and any makeup, and follow with a healthy dose of vitamins to feed the skin while it sleeps and resets itself. For this, use Cream; if you have acne, try Vitaminize A.

Remember, skincare isn’t surface-deep; it doesn’t end with the products you apply. Put some spring into your diet as well. Load up on fresh fruits and vegetables. They are currently in season and help cleanse the body to give you healthy, glowing skin.