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Welcome to the teenceuticals blog where you will be able to find, not only news about our products, but also general information about skincare–so that you can do everything possible to live with a healthy, radiant complexion!

Keep Calm and Avoid BPO

Benzoyl Peroxide: it might sound like a term from freshman Chemistry, but I can almost guarantee that you have used it before. It may even be lurking in your medicine cabinet as you read this post.

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An A+ for Vitamin A!

There is nothing mysterious about Vitamin A, but that doesn’t prevent it from providing all kinds of epidermal benefits. Operating on the level of DNA, Vitamin A reinvigorates damaged cells (hello sunburn!), to help your skin in countless ways. Here are a few benefits that interest me the most.

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Change of season – Change of Skincare Routine

The spring has sprung at last! With warmer weather, comes outdoor sports and activities, which means it’s time to adjust your skincare regimen.

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