Talia C. - Skin WarriorTalia C.

Age 17, in High School.

Passions - Singing, choreographing, dancing, artistic directing, acting and modelling.
My favourite food is Pasta and Chicken Salads
Artists I admire are Christina Aguilera and Beyonce
My favourite actress is Sandra Bullock and actor Denzel Washington
Best Movie: “The Blind Side”

“I started getting pimples really bad when I started dancing long hours for shows and competitions I was under so much stress and not getting as much sleep as possible. Suddenly, all that stress started showing up on my face as blemishes, blackheads and whiteheads .It made me feel very embarrassed and really self-conscious. I had to wear a lot of makeup just to cover it up, and when I took it off, it was like a Jekyll and Hyde moment, you know? I was this one person with my makeup on, and I was this other very self-conscious person without the makeup. It was controlling my life, and it definitely controlled my confidence.

Everyone is taking pictures and posting pictures and if you have pimples it’s what everybody sees and what everyone notices about you. I’m in a industry where image play’s a big role and how people see me today as a role model going through the industry by motivating people that I come in contact with. My breakouts affected my work and I didn’t feel comfortable in front of the camera whether I was being recorded for acting shows, musicals or even getting my picture taken at dance showcases.

“I’m happier now that I don’t have to worry about my skin. Teenceuticals really works for me. My skin glows and it feels so smooth and soft. No bumps! It’s my secret to fighting breakouts. I’ve seen massive changes in my face and my confidence. All of my big, kind of stick-out bumps went flat, my sun burns progressively got smaller and smaller, and even some of my scarring started going away. I was like, wait, what is the magic in these little bottles? I’m a person who gives hugs, not handshakes. I like to contact with people. My skin is the last thing I have to worry about. I’m confident now.”